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Our 1st goal is to help you find the solution that’s right for you!

Our clinic can help you and your bed partner sleep well. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases / obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring.

We offer the most recent diagnostic Modalities

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  We provide suitable treatment options that fit your lifestyle and diagnosis.

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Our follow-up is to ensure maximum treatment benefits.

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1- ENT Examination

2- Endoscopic examination of the upper airway

3- Radiological investigations

4- Sleep Study Appointment

A one-night sleep study provides us with important information about your night's sleep.

On the day of your sleep study appointment, a clinician will come to your home to fix the machine, demonstrate how to deal with it and ensure you are comfortable using the machine and answer any questions you may have

Your sleep study data will be interpreted by a physician experienced in sleep disorders

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5- Balance & Hearing Studies

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1- Dr Ahmed Elbassiouny will meet with you to review your test results, discuss your diagnosis and treatment
options and finalize a customized treatment plan to fit your diagnosis and lifestyle.

2- For Snoring & Sleep opnea patients : Treatment may include one or a combination of the following:

A- CPAP therapy

B- Dental appliances therapy

C- Surgical treatment at differnet leverls in the upper airway: Dr. Ahmed Elbassiouny invented a new
    techniques in snoring & OSA.

You may also be referred to other programs or services to help with therapy or lifestyle changes such as:

- Nutritional counseling with a dietitian.

- Weight loss management protocol combined work in upper airway & Obesity surgery can be done with
   obesity Surgeon.

3- We are doing adenotonsillectomy with the most recent modality "Coblation Technology"

4- For vertigo patient:

- We will manage according to the case.

- BPPV improving dizziness by simple exercises.

Long -term follow up

You deserve excellent care!

  • You will have regular follow-up appointments, but you are welcome to call us anytime with any questions about your therapy. You can also make an appointment to see Dr. Ahmed between your regularly scheduled appointments.

  • Patients condidates for CPAP, the following questionnair is needed cheek your compliance.
Please tape the following if you have experienced it :

An inability to the fit the mask

Disturbed sleep Caused By Presence of the Device

Discomfort caused by Machine noise

Movement restriction during sleep caused by CPAP use

Upper lip pressure with teeth problems

CPAP not seems to be effective

Need to remove the CPAP during sleep